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PDF Document Conversion -
An Overview of PDF File Types

There are 3 types of PDF files one must choose between in planning a PDF conversion project. This page discusses the types of PDF files, and their recommended uses. The key fact to understand is that there is a tradeoff between file size and cost, and you must consider how your documents will be used, how many pages there are, and what your budget will allow.

PDF Normal -  produced directly from an electronic original such as a word processor file, or from scanned pages where the text is converted back to text to the extent possible, and bitmaps are kept only for areas of the page not identified as text.

For scanned documents, we recommend PDF Normal for applications where size is critical (such as the web). In this option, OCR errors must be manually corrected, therefore cost can become an issue for large projects.

PDF Image + Text  -  PDF produced from scanned pages, but the reader never sees the OCR text, but instead sees the scanned page. The text is used only for searching.

This option is recommended for applications where file size is not an issue (CD-ROM or intra-net) and faithful replication of the page is important. This is a low cost option, unless correction of OCR errors is required, then the price will depend upon the degree of accuracy desired. Customers usually opt against error correction since the OCR text is only used for searching.

PDF Image Only -  PDF produced from scanned pages, and no OCR is done, and only info-field searching is available. If your goal is to produce electronic documents at the lowest possible cost, this is the best option.

Also recommended for applications where file size is not an issue and faithful replication of the page is important. Highly recommended for large projects where cost is an issue and full-text searchability is not required, such as long term storage and archival.


Original PDF Document
Created from Postscript

48 Kbytes
PDF Normal,
From Scanned Images

59 Kbytes
Image + Text
From Scanned Images

348 Kbytes


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