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Using a combination of OCR and key entry, we can bring vast amounts of paper documentation back to life. With your approval, we use highly skilled off-shore labor to scale up to meet even the largest projects and the shortest deadlines. For sensitive documents, all work is done in house.

The following list shows the kinds of projects we have done in the past.

Conversion of paper documents into HTML.
Projects using our service have ranged from volumes of business reports destined for corporate intra-nets to scientific journal articles to company brochures.

Conversion of paper documents into Microsoft Word Documents.
We can convert even complex tables and forms.

Conversion of paper database dumps into "ready to load" database or spreadsheet input files
Do you have data that exists only on paper that you really need in a database? We deliver fixed length records or delimited ASCII fields, according to your specifications. Database imports we have done include MS Access, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS SQL Server and more. We also deliver ready to import data for spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel.

We can convert your paper documents back to clean, unformatted ASCII.

Source Code recovery
Have you lost all but the paper copies of your source code? We canhelp!

Mailing lists
Have you lost all but the paper copies of your mailing list? We can OCR addresses and even verify Cities versus Zipcodes.

For a quote, please fill in our on-linecustomer profile form or contact us.

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