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Image conversion - Image compatibility problem solving, TIFF header problems, TIFF compatibility

The Princeton Imaging Lab is renowned for tackling difficult imaging problems.
Here are some of the kinds of problems we have solved.
Call us to talk about your imaging problem.

  • Incompatible TIFF files.
  • Incorrect TIFF header values.
  • Poor quality microfilm scans.
  • Images too large for web delivery.
  • Extraction of images from PDF files.
  • Extraction of images from postscript files.

Other imaging services we offer include:

  • Deskew, despeckle and other techniques to improve scanned images and reduce their file size.
  • Constrast enhancement on hard to read color or grayscale scans.
  • Automatic cropping
  • Forms recognition
  • Automatic clip-art creation and other segmentation
  • Shrink to gray.
  • Format conversion (TIFF to GIF, or almost anything to anything else).

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