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DjVu Samples 
Download the free DjVu plugin
Note: graphic settings of at least 32768 colors recommended!

1880 Knight's Mechanical Dictionary
Classic 19th century reference of engineering and technology, complete with spectacular plates. Fully indexed and searchable.
1902 Sears Catalog
Samples from the CD-ROM.
The 1936 Princeton University Yearbook
(The official title is "The Nassau Herald 1936")
644 pages, average page size is 26Kb. Note the original has foxing on some of the first few pages.
JVC 1998 Annual Report
This was created from 300dpi 24-bit color scans with no retouching.
National Park Service Natural Resource Year in Review 1996
This 296kb DjVu document was created from a 37MB PDF original at the National Park Service.
Weekly Mail & Guardian Newspaper
DjVu is the only viable way to put newspaper scans on the web!

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