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"Sales of the CD set of our journal that Princeton Imaging created for us brought our organization
over two hundred thousand dollars in revenue in just the first year!"

Turn your back issues into an on-line living, searchable, digital library

Princeton Imaging, a leader in document conversion and digital library creation since 1988, can bring your "old paper" back to life by turning your back issues into either:

  • A web-based archive which you control, with your name, owned by you!
  • A searchable digital library on CD or DVD

For a surprisingly low price, we'll convert your paper documents into high quality electronic documents your organization can use in a variety of ways.

Let us show you what we can do! Send us an issue and we'll create a free sample. Send it to:
Attn: Samples
Princeton Imaging
432 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Is your organization's history still locked away in paper?

As a publisher of periodicals, scientific journals, or conference proceedings, you have a wealth of information buried in your back issues. Thousands of pages of information and research -- and a new source of profit -- may be simply ignored and untapped. Not only is this information useful to your subscribers or members, but it provides an important history and a valuable resource for academic libraries, research scholars, and the world. By transforming this information into an easy to use digital library, your organization can:

  • Provide your subscribers, members, and the academic and research community with valuable information and a complete history of your publication in an electronic library format with lightning-fast, easy-to-use search capabilities.
  • Enhance the reputation of your organization and its commitment to being a vital source of information in your field.
  • Discover a fresh stream of revenue for your organization.

Because of our superior technical capabilities, Princeton Imaging provides unsurpassed quality at prices our competitors can't match!

With our services, your web site or digital library will include:

  • Boolean search by full text, title, author, date, and other fields
  • Easy to use web browser interface
  • High quality/low cost reproduction of color, graphics, and photos
  • Linked HTML contents pages and author and subject indices
  • Multi-CDROM searching
  • Win/Mac/Unix/Linux portability

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