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LizardTech's DjVuTm is a technology that uses a combination of pattern recognition and advanced compression techniques to produce electronic documents from scanned images. After a full evaluation of this technology, we have come to the following conclusion:

DjVu will replace PDF as the dominant technology for delivery of scanned documents over the web!

The reasons for this are:

  • Greatly reduced file size.
  • Greatly reduced conversion costs for color or grayscale documents.
  • Higher OCR accuracy.
  • Better rendering quality for most images.
  • Free plug-in for Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  • Integrates better with web browsers than PDF.

We were the first major service bureau to offer DjVu services!

Visit our DjVu sample page.
Is DjVu right for your project? See our guide.
To request a DjVu sample for your project, contact us.

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