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Data Entry: the Princeton Imaging difference!

The problem with most data entry outsourcing solutions is that the confidentiality of your data, and security of your paper is at risk. Princeton Imaging's data entry solution keeps your paper on your site, and is designed so that the sensitive information is kept secret.

Unlike most data entry companies, we realize that efficient data entry is primarily an engineering and programming project, and we view our role to be design of the right solution to your business need, followed by proper execution and process monitorization.

Design and implimentation of your project will be performed by an experienced IT expert, working together with Princeton Imaging's staff of experienced production managers.

Our programming staff applies innovative data validation that other companies cannot conceive of. We can deliver the data you need in virtually any format, including Excel, CSV text, database files, SGML, XML, etc.

Below are some of the types of data entry projects we've done:

  • Test and measurement equipment recordings
  • Government regulations and standards
  • Patient Medical Record information
  • Surveys
  • Birth/Baptism records
  • Revolutionary and civil war muster rolls
  • Litigational data capture from microfilm
  • Taxonomic search data tagging
  • Paper to digital catalog conversion
  • Historic Dictionary keying, XML tagging

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